Saturday, August 11, 2007

More on Dan Sproul

Author/Anthologist Michael Bracken is the Vice-President of PWA and one of its busiest members. He has this to say about the passing of Dan Sproul:

I was sorry to learn of Dan's passing, and dismayed to discover that even in this age of instant communication, someone I've worked with on several projects can be gone for two years before I realize it.

Dan contributed three stories to the FEDORA series, "Reunion" in FEDORA, "Hauser Rules" in FEDORA II, and "Costa Rica? No Thanks" in the yet-to-be-published FEDORA IV. He wrote great stories, was easy to work with, and I had looked forward to working with him on future projects if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Alas, that is no longer an option.

Thanks Michael