Friday, August 10, 2007

Dan A. Sproul

Dan Sproul was a member of PWA for everal years. Some of you might remember him from the Joe Standard short stories he wrote for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. He wrote one for me for Mystery Street. In 2004 he sent me a novel he published through Publish America called HANDICAPPER. Most of his work had a horse racing background but Dan told me in a letter that this was his attempt to write a definitive racing novel along the lines of William Murray. To my shame I never started the book until early this week, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I tried to email Dan but it came back undeliverable. We used to email back and forth during the Triple Crown season, or the Breeder's Cup, and exchange our picks for the races. I called his phone number today and spoke to his wife, Ann. Dan died two years ago from complications after a long illness. I feel like I've lost a friend I never knew. Except for the story I bought, and some emails each year, and the book he sent me, we had no contact. I wish now I'd picked up his book, and the phone, a lot sooner.

Does anyone else out there remember his stories? Or have anything they want to say? Please send it to me.