Monday, August 13, 2007

Les Roberts news

Les Roberts was the first winner of the PWA/St. Martin's Press contest in 1986, and went on to eventually become President of PWA. He's the athor of the Saxon and Milo Jacovich series. I stole this piece from The Sons of Sam Spade blog. We're allowed to that out here in the blogosphere, right? I'm new to this.

Les had to say:

First of all, Milan Jacovich WILL be back early next year in "King of the Holly Hop," published by Gray and Company. I'm currently writing a screenplay based on one of Milan's past adventures, "The Irish Sports Pages," which will be flmed mostly in Cleveland next year and will probably be released in early 2009.

I haven't written about Milan "for some time" because I was deeply involved with writing other things. After my first 13 Milan books and my six Saxon books, I wanted to tackle something that was NOT a "private eye" novel.

While co-writing the screenplay I'm also working hard on a novel NOT about Jacovich, set in 1985 in Youngstown, Ohio during a period when the mob absolutely ruled the area and made Youngstown into "An Open City." KIt's called "The Youngstown Tune-Up" (at the moment), and I hope to finish it before the first of the year (2008).

I say welcome back, Les.