Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dick Stodghill, R.I.P.

Dick Stodghill, R. I. P.

Dick was a long time member of PWA. He and Jackie were very helpful to me during PWA's formative years, Dick acting for years as the membership chair. He also had stories in two of the early PWA anhologies.

I copied the below from a newspaper.
A former Pinkerton Detective Agency operative himself, he was a longtime fan of classic mystery writers, whose attributes he could discuss at length, and during an earlier, temporary retirement from his newspaper work, tried his hand at it with amazing results.
A fan of short stories, his soon began to appear regularly in top mystery publications, most notably Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Even after his eventual return to newspaper work, he was a regular contributor, his stories frequently culled for hard-cover collections published by groups like Mystery Writers of America and Private Eye Writers of America.
Indeed, during last month's Bouchercon World Mystery Convention in Indianapolis, his story Panic on Portage Path was a nominee for a 2009 Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America.

I lost contact with Dick for a long time, but recently we had emailed because I thought I'd be seeing him at BCon in Indianapolis. He emailed me just before I left telling me he was too ill to attend. He was 84, and still going strong with a Shamus nomination. He's be missed.