Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Bob MacKowiak, former publisher of P.I. Magazine

From 1988 through 2002 I produced a publication called P.I.
Magazine. Although I eventually grew it into the national trade journal for
professional private investigators and sold it several years ago, I was
privileged to meet (and publish) some talented mystery writers, and even
moderated a panel discussion at the 1992 Bouchercon in Toronto.

It is mystery writers to whom I am turning for donations for a fundraising
online auction for the Northwest Ohio Chapter of the Alzheimer s

We are gathering various items, but will have a very distinctive section of
signed first edition books. (I was the first person to publish anything by
S.J. Rozan, and she is helping me acquire some items for this auction,
including donations from Walter Mosley and Lee Child.) However, I could use
a lot more. So I thought I would be so bold as to see if the Private Eye Writers
of America could help put out the word that the Northwest Ohio Chapter of
the Alzheimer's Association is seeking autographed first editions of mystery
books for our spring fundraiser, an online auction. We need the items no
later than the end of April.

We don t have many celebrities in Toledo, Findlay, Lima and Mansfield, Ohio,
and our small little non-profit organization needs all the help we can get.

The Alzheimer s Association, Northwest Ohio Chapter serves 24 counties in
Northwest Ohio, where more than 32,000 people have Alzheimer s disease.
Most of our services - - such as educational programs, a 24-hour toll-free
helpline, newsletter, monthly support group meetings and a lending library -
- are provided at no cost, which is why fundraising activities are so

Any Private Eye Writers of America member who can help can send a book
(autographed first edition, please) to the Chapter's Toledo office:
Alzheimer's Association, Northwest Ohio Chapter
2500 N. Reynolds Road
Toledo, Ohio 43615
More information about the auction can be found from the Chapter's website,

Thank you so very much. Anyone can contact me at 419-537-1999, or

Bob Mackowiak
Development Director
Alzheimer's Association, Northwest Ohio Chapter
2500 N. Reynolds Road
Toledo, Ohio 43615