Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ed Hoch, RIP

I'm sure the accolades will begin to flow as the word of Edward D. Hoch's passing gets around. I'm posting mine here:

I met Hoch in 1973, at my first Bouchercon in Boston. He was kind and generous then, taking the time to talk to a fledgling writer. When I joined MWA in 1975 I started to see Ed twice a month, at the MWA cocktail party and the MWA dinner. Both he and Pat made me feel welcome, as if I were not only part of the writing fraternity, but part of the family, as well. It's a shock to me to realize that I knew the man for nearly 35 years, and read many of his stories before that. Even when I left New York it was always a pleasure to run into Ed and Pat at Bouchercons. They were always a special couple.

I've used Ed in several my my anthologie, and he even agreed, at one point, to be President of PWA. Although a long time MWA stalwart he was always supportive of PWA, becoming one of our charter members.

In business, and in social settings, Ed was a gentleman. He will me missed on every level a man can possibly be missed.

Robert J. Randisi